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Company Values

They are crafted to align with our business objectives and steer our operations. They guide our decision-making, drive our actions, and ensure that we uphold ethical standards and promote operational efficiency. By doing so, we build trust and loyalty with our customers and stakeholders.


We keep promises, fostering trust through transparent communication and timely execution. In challenges, our resilience shines, safeguarding investments and nurturing long-term partnerships. Our commitment to reliability empowers future generations and fuels enduring success.


It is the driving force behind our collective success. We recognize that working together, both within our organization and with external partners, magnifies our capabilities and achieves remarkable outcomes.


It is the keystone of our integrity and trustworthiness. We believe that open and honest communication fosters strong relationships and builds a solid foundation for success.


It is the heart of our journey towards continuous growth and progress. We are dedicated to fostering personal, professional, and organizational development to unlock our fullest potential.


It is the foundation stone of our commitment to excellence and responsible conduct. We believe that taking ownership of our actions and decisions is fundamental to building trust and achieving success.


Guided by our unwavering commitment to honesty, ethics, and principled conduct. We adhere to the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that our actions and decisions align with our core values and contribute to a culture of trust and respect.

Making a positive impact on economic transformation and long-term investments

We Align with UAE's 2030 vision

Achieving economic sustained diversification by contributing to innovation and resilience of various sectors.

We Follow Best Practices

Assisting companies and organizations in streamlining their operations through designing and implementing efficient processes.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting AL RABDAN's strategic direction, overseeing its business, and ensuring its effective and sustainable growth.

H.E. Sheikh Saif Bin Mohamed Bin Butti Al Hamed


H.E. Sheikh Saif Bin Mohamed Bin Butti Al Hamed


Al RABDAN Investments is dedicated to founding a sustainable economy that promotes growth opportunities, technology, and innovation for our shareholders, subsidiaries. Through our strategic investments, we aim to create significant value for our partners in the UAE and beyond. By attracting long-term investors and securing sustainable returns, we strive to create a prosperous future for our business and all those associated with it.

Moutaz Louis

Board member & Group CEO